Best Gold Buyers in Melbourne Use XRF Machines and Acid Tests

The best gold buyers in Melbourne use both XRF machines and Acid Tests to check the value of gold that they are buying or trading. Both these systems of checking gold can give the most accurate value of a gold item. Gold sellers are provided how much their gold really worth.

XRF Machines for Testing Gold

XRF machines are used determine the value of gold. Not only jewellers use this machine, but people who are engaged in buying and selling of gold. Using this machine, the value you intend to get is close to the value of the product when sold on the market. Thats how accurate this machine is.

XRF machine is used by placing a gold item into the platform of the x-ray machine. Then, a computer screen will display what the camera is focusing. An analysis will occur and in few minutes, the breakdown of the gold content and other related metals is provided.

The information obtained from the analysis of this machine includes Qualitative Bulk Analysis, Inclusion of Nickel content, film or plating analysis, Identification of anomalies or defects and possible causes, RoHS and other prohibitive materials improvement.

The best gold buyers in Melbourne prefer to use XRF or X-ray Fluorescence because it is easy to use and also for non-conductive materials such as ceramics, plastics, liquids, and glasses.

The Acid Test for Gold

Before discussing, how an acid test is performed by most gold buyers in Melbourne, it is best to learn first about the measurements of gold content in the karat system. Pure gold or fine gold is a twenty-four karat gold, which is actually 99% pure gold with 1% negative allowance. So, any jewellery below 24 karat is considered gold alloy. 14 karat gold, which contains 58.3% gold and 41.7%, may contain zinc, copper, silver, and bronze is the most common in much jewellery worldwide. Evidently, the lesser the karat, the lesser is the gold content of the jewellery.

Acid Test is the traditional method of testing the karat value of gold jewellery. This method is done by rubbing the gold jewellery against a testing stone to create a scratch that is dropped in the solution. If the gold smear does not dissolve, then the jewellerys karat is similar to that of the solution.

Trustworthy gold merchants use this test to determine the real value of gold and if the gold is real or fake. If you will sell your gold, it is best that you sell it to buyers that use testing methods to determine the accurate value of your gold. This will ensure that you get the proper value for what you are selling. If you want to know for yourself the value of the gold you are selling, you can also purchase gold testing kit and test your gold jewellery before dealing with gold buyers.

How Gold are Valued and Sold

The value of gold is never lost, but fluctuates. When the demand is low, the value depreciates and when the demand is high, the value appreciates. Therefore, the best time for you to sell your gold is when the demand is low in order to get the highest price for it. But, you must remember that different gold merchants will offer you different prices. Some may pay you in cash and some will not. To protect you in this very lucrative market is to know some basic principles of selling and buying used gold jewellery.

  • Take note that the value of your gold jewellery is based on its weight, purity, and prevailing prices of gold.
  • Buyers cash price offers to you changes daily so you may not get the price quotation you get today for tomorrows transaction.
  • Buyers intention in buying your old or used gold jewellery is for melting down. Therefore, how intricate the design of your gold jewellery has no bearing for its selling price.
  • Several buyers you visit in a day will offer you varied cash prices for the same gold jewellery.

If you want to get the highest prices for your gold jewellery from gold merchants, take time to learn about buying and selling gold. Compare prices from reputable buyers only. Dont choose according to popularitiy, but rather by the reputation the buyer has.